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You can find everything about Japanese sake on our pages. Also you can read about its production and the traditions that are associated with it. Find out why it’s not rice wine. You can explore the portfolio of brands that prosake represents on the Czech market. You can conveniently buy sake through our e-shop or subscribe to the newsletter, with which we will regularly bring you interesting facts and news from the world of sake.

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Find out more about sake

Japanese sake is wrongfully considered a rice wine. Its production process is more reminiscent of beer than wine. This is because rice must be boiled before fermentation and that is far from all.

Our sake sommelier Daniel Prokeš has prepared for you a well-arranged guide to everything you should or would like to know about sake.

Our Portfolio

We represent various brands of sake in our market. Our aim is to offer our customers various types of sake. That is why our sake sommelier Daniel Prokeš makes sure that we have a varied and interesting offer, whether in terms of the types of rice used or different degrees of quality.

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Our additional offer

For an offer of sake training or guided tastings, visit the link below, where you will find all the necessary information and examples of various options.

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