Our portfolio

Our portfolio consists of Japanese sake, which you can buy from our e-shop. Our offer on the Czech market includes several different sake breweries. The aim is to be able to offer customers in the Czech Republic different variants of sake, both different types (junmai, honjozo, ginjo, and others) and sake from different types of rice. We currently have regular offer of products from Ile Four and Itano Shuzo Honten. After clicking on their logo, a page will open where you will find what sake we have in our offer. You can also read the medallion about sake breweries on the same page. After clicking on the bottle, you will be redirected to our e-shop, where you can buy the bottle you have chosen.

The same applies to the special offer category, with the difference that individual products or sake breweries may change here. Currently you can find sake from Sakura Muromachi (pref. Okayama), Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten (pref. Mie) and Arimitsu (pref. Kochi – Shikoku Island).

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