everything you might want to know about sake

Here you will find all the necessary information and answers to questions related to the production and classification of sake. In the Basics you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The history of sake is interesting and informative, and we are constantly updating it with new information as we manage to obtain it. Great emphasis is placed on Raw materials, because only top raw materials can be made into top sake. This, of course, is linked to Brewing, which is no less important. And finally, it is necessary to write about sake Classification and what attributes you can find on bottles.

A quick overview of what sake is and what is not. Here you will find basic information that will quickly explain the most frequently asked questions.

The history of sake production is a very interesting chapter. For everyone who is interested, we have prepared a small trip across time, where you will learn all the essentials.

What does sake consist of and what quality must the individual raw materials have. There is information on the types of rice suitable for production or information on yeast, koji and water.

Brewing and the brewing process is another interesting topic that will reveal not only how to do it, but also the individual pitfalls of the process itself.

We have worked out the classification of sake into individual classes and its attributes clearly so that you know what to look for and what the individual words on the bottle mean.

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